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8' Tall Hexayurt: Level 1 Package

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This is our most simplistic, pre-built and pre-taped, Hexayurt package that we offer. Just because it says simplistic don't let that throw you off. This package offers a fully built 8ft tall hexayurt that is folded down to allow easy transportation. This Hexayurt has reinforced hinges, a door, a window, and more. Each package that we offer has different levels of extras that come with it. This package has level 1 extras. The next package up is level 2 and the third is a level 3 (this offers the most). 

People who most commonly purchase this package have already used a yurt in the past and already have all the extras that are needed (floor covering, anchor system, straps, etc.); also, those who have time and want to get all of their extras on their own per their individual preferences. 


What is included in this package?

Level 1:

  • Pre-made Hexayurt that is taped and connected (folded down for easy transportation).
  • Pre-cut door.
  • Pre-cut window.
  • Full roll of custom tape (Bi-directional filament tape) for final installation (60yrds of 5" tape).
  • Instructional online video and steps to allow quick and easy installation of your Hexayurt.
  • Custom tape stick that is used in final installation. 
  • Carry bag to store all of your extras. 


*Due to supply chain issues this year, the exterior of the Hexayurt will be white and the interior will have mild product logos printed on it. Please email us with any questions of concerns @