Is it hard to put up?

Not at all. They are pre-made (we pre-tape 90% of the process for you) for anyone to put up. Installation is very simple and straight forward with minimal steps. We provide a step by step video showing you how to do the install and provide printed steps.

How long does it take to put up?

30 minutes or less if you follow our instructions.

How many people do you need to install a Hexayurt?

4 people is ideal. You can do most of the installation with only 2 people but you will need additional help for 2 of the steps.

Do you rent your Hexayurt’s?

We do not.

Do you do custom orders for large purchases?

Yes. Please email us your inquiry at renohexayurt@gmail.com.

Do you store it once we purchase it?

Yes. We will build your unit/units and have them stored until you are ready to pick them up or come into town.

How do you transport the Hexayurt?

Most common way to transport a Hexayurt is on top of a vehicle (even small compact cars). It is safe (for the vehicle and the Hexayurt) and very easy to place on a vehicle. We provide many examples on our Instagram and Facebook page to help give you an idea (Reno Hexayurt). We have a link to our social media sites on the footer of this page. 

Do you help load the Hexayurt on the vehicle and/or inside a vehicle?

If you purchase a Level 2 or Level 3 package we assist completely with loading the units. We also provide the straps needed and protective barriers to protect the vehicle and/or unit if needed. Our team will show you how to do it so that you are confident with the process.

How big is the unit?

It is 8’4’1’ (feet)

How much do the units weight?

66lbs (roughly 29.93kg)

Can you reuse the Hexayurt’s?

Yes. Many people use them each year and for many different events.

How large are they inside?

They are large enough to place a queen size mattress with 2 chairs, a full size table, multiple coolers, and more.

If I am tall will this unit still work for me?

Yes. You can stand inside just not right next to the walls.

Are you open on the weekend during the start of Burning Man?

Yes. We are open 7 days a week and most days for at least 12hrs.

Do you buy them back once we are done using them?

We do not. If you do not plan on using the units again we allow you to bring them back to the warehouse and we will donate them accordingly.

Do we keep all the items in the packages?

Yes. All of the items including the ones in the Level 3 Package are purchased items.

Do you do deliveries to the Black Rock Desert?

We do not. We build and store them for you, until you are ready to pick them up.  We are located right off of the freeway in Reno, NV for a convenient pick up process.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, on purchases of 10 of more.

Do you offer payment plans?

We do on purchases of 10 or more. 50% down and 50% due on pick up.

Are Hexayurt’s quiet inside?

They assist with lowering noise coming in, compared to tents and similar products.

What is the product made out of?

Polyiso foam board with a thermal blocking. We use 1" thickness.