About Us

about us

Where we are from and what we are doing....

Reno Hexayurt was started in beautiful Reno, NV in 2014. We are just a small company trying to help others enjoy their outdoor experiences at Burning Man. The most vital part of really enjoying yourself at the Black Rock Desert is having a good shelter for your sleeping habits and a place to store your belongings.

 Why do we exist?

Reno Hexayurt was created to help others utilize the benefits of the Hexayurt at Burning Man. The Hexayurt is like having your own fort to hide you from the sun, protect you from the weather, keep you warm or cold, store your items and food, and allows you to put it up quickly and take it down the same way. So what we do is design and build you the perfect Hexayurt, disassemble it, instruct you how to assemble it, and let you go have fun at Burning Man and allow you to let go of the biggest worry you will have out there, your shelter. 


       Our Story....

So why Reno Hexayurt? Why was this company started? The story is similar to most of our customers. We wanted to find a more affordable way to stay at Burning Man that wasn't in the overwhelming heat of a tent nor in the high maintenance and expensive RV option.
So here is the story. The creators of Reno Hexayurt were going to Burning Man one year and loved the idea of the Hexayurt; it stays cold, it shelters you from wind and dust, it hides you from rain fall, and it is easily
transportable. They watched the videos, took great notes, and went to build their own Hexayurt. Once they began their project they ran into a great deal of problems. Their finished product wasn't the way they thought it was going to be and it jeopardized their housing arrangements at Burning Man and cost them a great deal of time and money (and unnecessary stress). So instead of making others go through this, they partnered up with some engineers from the University of Nevada, Reno and started the company to let others get the benefits of the Hexayurt (minus all the problems and time that go into it). 
They as well wanted to deplete the problems of finding all the materials for the do-it-yourselfers and provide a one-stop-shop for everyone. 


 So how did the Hexayurt evolve?

The Hexayurt was started by a gentlemen name Vinay Gupta. He saw the great benefits that would come from designing up a unique system like this. He came up with many sizes and shapes to fit everyones needs. We captured the most popular size, designed our custom build around it, and made them available for you to go have fun with in an affordable way.


  What is a Hexayurt?

A Hexayurt has many definitions but the easiest way to picture it would be similar to a shed you had in your yard growing up. So picture this shed. You were able to walk around inside of it, have a comfortable amount of space to store what you needed, and it to be shielded from the weather. Now picture that shed with light-weight, advanced foam insulated walls that any 2 people can pick up and move. Now picture being able to dissemble this shed in a matter of minutes and move it to where you choose. This is a Hexayurt. 



A Hexayurt is spacious inside and it protects whatever you decide to put inside it from the weather (most of the time you and your temporary needs). The best part though is that it is mobile. It is made of a insulated foam composite with a  "Thermasheath." This means that it is light weight and easy to move, but is structured and closed in (stays cool in extreme heats). The way that it is built though is similar to a tent in the way that you bring it to your designated spot, put it together, then when you are finished you take it apart, load it up, and proceed on with life. Pretty neat right? So that in a nutshell is what a Hexayurt is. A foam insulated mobile structured tent. How's that for a tongue twister?