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Air Conditioner Package add-on for 8' Hexayurt

$ 349.00

This package is an add-on for a Level 1 or Level 2 8ft unit Package for those who already have a power source at their camp or that they are bringing along with them. With the purchase of this package your Hexayurt will already have a hole cut for the air conditioner that will be reinforced and as well come with a stand to place the A.C. on. If this package is added on, there will not be a normal window with the unit due to the AC cut out. 
  • New 6000BTU Air conditioner (44lbs and 21"x12"x15")
  • Custom cut hole and insert for the air-conditioner in the Hexayurt (requires you to do no cutting)
  • Stand for the air-conditioner for the Hexayurt