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Accessories Package

Accessories Package

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Already have a Hexayurt and just need the accessories to go with it? If so, this is your package! This package includes the full anchoring system, tape, and more. 


This Accessories Package provides the perfect solution for Hexayurt owners. It includes all the necessary tools and hardware to easily assemble and disassemble your Hexayurt, allowing for maximum flexibility and convenience. Get yours today and experience the convenience and reliability for your Hexayurt.


  • 16.5x16.5 tarp (high quality custom tarp for flooring usage) 
  • 8 - 18" nail spikes
  • 8 - 48" elastic cords to attach to the nail spikes
  • Rope Halo 
  • Hexayurt Tape 
  • Hammer
  • LED Light 
  • Scissors
  • Knife (snap blade) 
  • Temporary locks (2)
  • Tape squeegee 

This package will give you everything needed to properly setup and secure your Hexayurt. 


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