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8' Tall Hexayurt: Level 2 Package

8' Tall Hexayurt: Level 2 Package

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This is the most popular package that we offer.

If you are new to Hexayurt's, this is the package for you (or the Level 3, depending on your needs). This package comes with all of the accessories and preparation you will need to camp. We provide the fully built and taped 8' Hexayurt for you, that comes with a surface covering, a custom anchoring system to hold the yurt down in the wind, a lantern (electric) to light up the inside during the night, straps and protectors to transport the yurt, and additional items.

Below we break down everything that comes with the Level 2 Package. 

This material has R-MAX logos on the inside. 

What is included in this package?

Level 1 items:

  • Pre-made Hexayurt that is taped and connected (folded down for easy transportation).
  • Pre-cut door.
  • Pre-cut window.
  • Full roll of custom tape (Bi-directional filament tape) for final installation (60yrds of 5" tape).
  • Instructional online video and steps to allow quick and easy installation of your Hexayurt.
  • Custom tape stick that is used in final installation. 
  • Carry bag to store all of your extras. 


Level 2 items:

  • Heavy duty white tarp that was custom made to fit under the Hexayurt. It is measured at 16.5"x16.5". This allows a sealed surface and base (we recommend taping it to the sides), which will keep the dust down and away from the the inside of the Hexayurt. The tarp allows easy cleanup inside the yurt and creates a good flooring.
  • Anchoring spikes that are 18" long for the tarp to adhere it to the Black Rock Desert (non invasive) as well as to anchor the Hexayurt.
  • Custom anchoring system that adheres the Hexayurt to the surface. This will withstand wind and reassures the Hexayurt is will be secured to the surface and will not move (simple to put up). We use a Halo system with adjustable side ropes. We recommend additional anchors if heavy winds are expected).
  • LED Lantern to light up the inside of the yurt (electric). Uses 3-AA batteries (included). 
  • Box Knife (snap-blade).
  • Hammer.
  • Pair of precision scissors to cut your tape.
  • Tie-down (ratchet straps system) to safely secure the Hexayurt to the vehicle. 
  • Protective corners that are used during transport of the Hexayurt to deplete damaging the unit.
  • Assistance from our team with loading the unit onto, or into, your vehicle for transportation when picking up. 

*If needed and you already have power, you can add an Air Conditioner package to this unit (from our accessories).

This package folded down is 4' wide by 8' long and 1' thick. Can be transported on almost any vehicle.   

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