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3" X 50yrds Hexayurt Foil Tape

3" X 50yrds Hexayurt Foil Tape

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Aluminum Foil Tape combines the powers of aluminum and tape. Each roll is made of high-tensile, 2-mm thick aluminum foil with a removable paper liner. Each roll weighs 1.85lbs. This allows it to tackle demanding jobs that other tapes simply aren't designed to handle. The acrylic adhesive coating uses a venture tape cold weather formula, meaning it can be applied at low temperatures - and will adhere at all temperatures. With the inherent flexibility of foil, this tape especially shines when used on irregular or curved surfaces.

Aluminum tape can be used for applications such as vapor barrier protection, waterproof sealing, and heat dissipation. With some 3" wide aluminum foil tape, you can cover over and seal the seams in a Hexayurt shelter

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