Getting you started



What is it?

It is a shelter used in extreme weather conditions. 


What is it for?

It is perfect to camp in at Burning Man! It protects you from the excessive heat during the day and the chilly nights in the evenings. It is similar to a tent, just better!


What is it made out of?

The structure itself is made out of RMAX Thermasheath. It is a lightweight thermal insulation board that has reinforced aluminum foil facers (to deflect away the sun!). CLICK HERE to see the products detail page!


What is it connected with?

Tape! Really advanced, strong tape, that is called Bi-Filament Tape. This tape adheres perfectly to the RMAX material to powerfully bind the RMAX sheets together and make the structure sturdy to withstand winds and extreme weather conditions.  


How do you transport it?

It is light weight and fits on top of almost any vehicle (without damaging the vehicle or the Hexayurt). The most common size (8' unit) folds down into a 8'x4'x1'. The 10' unit folds down to 10'x6'x1.5'. Below are 2 pictures showing the size of the folded down, 8', Hexayurt that is ready to transport. The weight of the 8' units is only 66lbs. 

Here is a 8' Hexayurt ready to transport


How long does it take to install?

Installation can be done in as little as 30 minutes. It is very simple, stress free, and straight forward. We have taken care of most of the work for you already. We as well provide a full downloadable video to walk you through the process for installation. 

Is it re-usable? 

Most definitely. When you take it down you just reverse the process of setting it up. Once you plan on using it again you just need to re-tape 3 different areas (a very simple process). 

Do you sell them or rent them?

We sell them. Everything that comes in the different packages is yours to keep!


If we only want to use it for one year what do we do with it afterwords?

You can either donate it for someone less fortunate to use, you can give it to a friend, or you can even give it to a total stranger. Any option will provide a very positive outcome. 


Further Information Below

What we aim to do is create a more affordable and comfortable way to camp in the heat of the Black Rock Desert where Burning Man is located. For those who have attended the event understand that using a tent is unbearable and that RV's can be extremely expensive and leave a large footprint, so here is the solution: a Hexayurt? Hexayurt's allow you to stay out at Burning Man for weeks or days at a time, sleep at anytime of the day, and be structured in for the adventure. It is rain proof, sun proof, wind proof, insulated, and structured (and great for taking naps in the mid-day heat).

With Reno Hexayurt, we do the work for you. We build each Hexayurt to order in a custom way where it allows our customers a simple, worry free installation when they get out to Burning Man (in as soon as 30min). All of our units are pre-fabricated (already built, but folded down in an easy way to transport) to allow our customers a convenient way to put together their yurt just like you would an erector set (the easiest and stress free way for anyone).

As you view the product line you will notice we have 5 different Hexurt packages and 2 different sizes to fit everyone's needs. We can even offer a payment plan. All of our yurts are able to sleep at least 2, and up to 6 people. Our packages accommodate those who just need the basics, all the way up to the full prepared kit with an air-conditioner, generator, and more. We as well sell all of the materials for those of you who want to do it themselves and direct you to videos that show you how to build your own if you would like. We are even here to help if you get caught in a bind.

Check out what works perfect for you and feel free to ask us any questions at any time.

We can make custom Hexayurts packages depending on your needs. Please just send us an email with your request and we can see what we can do.