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8' Tall Hexayurt: Level 3 Package

$ 1,599.00

This is our top of the line package that is also known as the "Comfort Package". We take all of the extras from the Level 2 Package and add more to it. The reason we call this the comfort package is because we include an air conditioning system with it. We get you all the extras that are needed to go with the system like a generator, gasoline, and more.

All of our Hexayurts keep out the heat extremely well and stay very insulated. This package was designed for those who really need an extra cool environment to sleep in during the mid day or for those who plan to host get-togethers in their Hexayurt.


What is included in this package?

Level 1:

  • Pre-made Hexayurt that is taped and connected (folded down for easy transportation).
  • Pre-cut door.
  • Pre-cut window.
  • Full roll of custom tape (Bi-directional filament tape) for final installation (240yrds of 6" tape).
  • Instructional online video and steps to allow quick and easy installation of your Hexayurt.
  • Pair of precision scissors to cut your tape.
  • Custom tape stick that is used in final installation. 
  • Carry bag to store all of your extras. 


Level 2:

  • 10 mill dry top 16x20 heavy-duty white tarp to place Hexayurt on top of. This allows a sealed surface and base which keeps the dust down and away. The tarp allows easy cleanup inside the yurt and creates a good flooring.
  • Anchoring spikes for the tarp to adhere it to the Black Rock Desert (non invasive)
  • Custom anchoring system that adheres the Hexayurt to the surface. This will withstand winds and reassures the Hexayurt is secured to the surface and will not move (extremely easy to put up). 
  • Lantern to light up the inside of the yurt (electric of course) 
  • Box Knife.
  • Tie-down and bungee strapping systems to secure the Hexayurt to your vehicle for transportation. 
  • Protective corners that are used during transporting the Hexayurt to deplete damaging the unit.
  • Assistance from our team with loading the unit onto, or into your vehicle for transportation when picking up. 


    Level 3:

    • 4000WATT generator made to endure high heats and unstable environments (ready to use). Can be used to charge devices, lights, microwave, etc. (101lbs and 22.8 x 20.9 x 30.7 inches)
    • 6000BTU LG Air conditioner (41lbs and 15"x16"x12")
    • 5 gallon gasoline tank
    • 5 gallons of gasoline 
    • Extra oil for the generator 
    • Extension cord for generator 
    • Custom cut hole and insert for the air-conditioner in the Hexayurt (requires you to do no cutting)
    • Stand for the air-conditioner for the Hexayurt 

     *We recommend bringing an additional 5 gallons of gasoline for the generator in case you might need it. If you do not end up using it, you can just pour it into the gas tank of your vehicle.