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Hexayurt Tape (bi-filament tape)

Hexayurt Tape (bi-filament tape)

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Our tape is not the white opaque but the original off clear filament tape.

Keep your Hexayurt secure with industrial-strength Bi-Directional Filament Strapping Tape (yellow, not white). Each roll weighs 2.4lbs.

This tape is a polypropylene which is also known as strapping Hexayurt tape. It uses a synthetic rubber adhesive that which allows it 90 ounces per inch of adhesion strength for surfaces ranging from metal to plastic (but works best on R-MAX sheeting that we build our Hexayurts' with). This tape has fiberglass reinforcement which helps give it 155 pounds per inch of tensile strength and high tear resistance, making this bidirectional filament tape tough enough for high-stress applications that is most essential for Hexayurt builds. This is the designated Hexayurt tape! 60yrds of it by 5inches. 

Bi-Directional Filament Strapping Tape is available in 60-yard rolls. Filaments in both directions of the tape means you'll use less than with traditional single-direction tape!  

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